City + Cycle is back up and running!

Need some wheels to get around? Bikes for ARTIS REIT tenants!
Grab your bike at the Winnipeg Square Parkade… + go!

Simply follow these steps to get your bike:

  1. Show your Artis REIT Tenant Access Card (or another form of ID showing you work in an Artis REIT building) and valid Manitoba Drivers License to the Security Desk at 360 Main Street.
  2. Fill out the Bike Use Agreement available at the Security Desk or download here.
  3. Upon security verification you will receive a City + Cycle Security Card.
  4. Provide the City + Cycle Security Card to the Bike Corral Attendant located in the Winnipeg Square Parkade.
  5. Attendant will provide you with a City + Cycle Key Fob to unlock the Bicycle of your choice. A helmet and bicycle lock will also be provided for you to use.
  6. Enjoy your Ride!
  7. When you’re finished your ride, return your bicycle to the City + Cycle Drop Off Zone located in the Main Street ramp. Lock the bike and bring your helmet and keys to the Security Desk to retrieve your driver’s license.
  8. It’s just that simple!

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